bloated face

One of the biggest problems i have had from the beginning was the effect of my medical conditions to my face. I ve always been quite pretty and always relied to my face for looking and feeling good. Even when i put on weight i could always cover it up but look cute, even without any make up on. Since it all started and i was diagnosed with rosacea my face has changed. Even when i dont have flareups my cheeks have a constantly a red colour and not like a touch of blush but in big patches from my nose to my ears. they dont look charming but clownish and it has affected the overall appearance of my features. Along with the redness (or maybe because of it) came the swelling. The entire lower part of my face from under the eyes ti;l the chin has been constantly swollen giving a ballon like, chipmunk appearance. Even at times when its not severe the swelling is there and i can see it all the time. It is not related to my weight and that is very frustrating. But mostly it can show up and build up from one day to the other. Its not like when u put on weight and through a period of time your face becomes rounder… i wake up in the morning and IT S THERE. And it doesnt go.

So my mood changes accordingly. One day i am feeling very well, energised and happy. I go out, have a few drinks, have a good time, and the next day i wake up with a red ballooned face felling low, depressed, antisocial and wanting to stay in and be seen by no one. This seclusion is aggravated cause my way of feeling better is by eating – eating all the foods that probably worsen my condition and the balooning persists if not worsens.

If only it didnt happen so abruptly!